Structural performance of the Ceramic Heat Lamp

Update:23 Apr 2018

Ceramic heating lamp component structure: The ceramic e […]

Ceramic heating lamp component structure: The ceramic electric heating plate adopts a high emissivity glaze layer and ceramics with good thermal shock performance as a substrate. The high-quality heating wire is sintered at a time and their compositions are as follows:

1. Substrate: composed of ceramic materials with good thermal shock properties;

2. Heating: Made of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire;

3. Glaze layer: It is composed of metal oxide raw materials with good external radiation properties and put in appropriate additives to increase the radiation intensity and enhance the adaptability of the blank glaze.

Questions about ceramic heating lamps when breeding reptiles

Ceramic heating lamp, reptile heating lamp, far infrared ceramic heating lamp is infrared heat is a kind of thermal radiation source, can penetrate animal muscles, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, but does not shine, does not affect pet sleep, suitable for tropical and desert The reptiles are heated throughout the day. It is very helpful to the healthy growth of reptiles, so it has always been loved by reptile keepers.

However, some reptile enthusiasts report that the effect of ceramic heating lamps is similar to that of “microwave ovens.” Although keeping warm but adverse to the health of reptiles, there is a misunderstanding. The working principle of microwave ovens is simply to release microwaves to make inside objects and air, and water molecules. Strenuous exercise produces similar "frictional heat" effects. The ceramic heating is a kind of thermal radiation source, which generates heat and does not accelerate the movement of water molecules in the air and objects. Therefore, it is not harmful to the health of reptiles. The reason why many people use reptiles during their use is death. The situation is due to the fact that the ceramic heating lamp itself generates high heat, causing loss of moisture in the air, and the humidity drops rapidly. For example, tropical rain forest areas such as tortoises, chameleons and other climates reptiles with high humidity requirements, so do not Blindly pursuing heat preservation, it is important to remember that controlling the humidity in the breeding environment can be avoided.

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