Snake Tongs Is a Good Choice for Snake-Hunters

Update:29 May 2018

Many people will feel embarrassed when they mention wil […]

Many people will feel embarrassed when they mention wild snakes. When they saw the snake, they were scared, and they dared not approach it. They dared not to capture it. In fact, except for snake-hunters who understand the living habits of wild snakes, they have a good idea of the environment and activities of snakes. At the same time, they grasp the basic principles and common methods of catching snakes, and they play the role of "right-wingers and right-arms." Snake-hunters are able to catch ideal snakes without being bitten by snakes and avoid accidental injuries caused by unarmed capture. Snake tongs are a good choice.

Like wilderness expeditions, outdoor adventures, and friends on the Steep Hill Road, the snake tongs are an essential tool that is easy to carry and lightweight.

Wide range of uses: climbing, outdoor picnic, restaurant, home, hunting beast essential products!

Product manual:

1. The stainless steel design of the whole body is strong and the snake distance is also safer.

2. All hand polished stainless steel handle, feel good, safe and secure.

3. Stainless steel large-open-end clamp pliers head, designed specifically for snake users, regardless of snake species, length, size, can easily and quickly capture snakes, will not escape, long life, strength to strengthen! Bold wire rope configuration rather than ordinary steel wire or brake wire, stainless steel blunt teeth piece, two rows of teeth on the upper and lower row, can easily capture a variety of snakes, beautiful arc more close to the snake body, clip firmly.

4. The product is of good quality and carries lightness. Outdoor activities. Mountaineering camping. Wild adventure. The necessary items must be brought on the farm and forest land.

5. Body made of stainless steel, never rust oxidation.

6. Regardless of the method used to catch snakes, we must ensure safety. What do we need to pay attention to? What tools are needed to catch snakes? Therefore, snake tongs must be used to catch snakes for safety.

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