Reptile Uvb Lamp Is a Good Choice for Pets.

Update:11 Jun 2018

What is a reptile Uvb lamp?The Reptile Uvb Lamp(nomoype […]

What is a reptile Uvb lamp?The Reptile Uvb Lamp(nomoypet)is a lamp that simulates ultraviolet rays in the sun. It is suitable for long-term use without indoor exposure to the sun. It can effectively compensate for the lack of sunlight and provide the basic environment for normal crawler growth.

The reptile Uvb lamp is divided into several types, including rain forest Uvb100, desert Uvb150, powerful Uvb200, and natural light 2.0.

Rain forest type Uvb100: suitable for all tropical and subtropical reptiles; effective distance up to 40 cm ; can provide ideal Uvb light for climbing pet calcium metabolism; with UVA can stimulate appetite, activity and reproduction of climbing pets Behavior; Combines natural light and reptile vision to obtain the ideal light output that benefits reptiles.

Desert-type UVB150: suitable for all desert reptiles; high UVB output; very high D3 conversion; effective distance up to 50 cm; high density terrarium top cover recommended; natural light for ideal visual light output.

Powerful UVB200: Suitable for reptiles with high UV UV demand; Helps prevent metabolic skeletal diseases; Suitable for desert or higher terrariums; High D3 output index; Increases vitamin D3 photosynthesis Enhance calcium absorption; increase UVB penetration distance; combine natural light for ideal visual output.

Natural Light 2.0: Ideal for lower-demanding animals such as snakes, amphibians (frogs, crickets), and nocturnal animals; match full-range natural light with reptiles UVB100, UVB150, or UVB200 depending on the reptile's UV requirements Use in combination to enhance natural light conditions.

Reptile Uvb lamp irradiation converts the skin's 7-dehydrocholesterol to choicalciferol, the endogenous vitamin D3, which is also the main source of vitamin D3 in the body. Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption in the intestine, induces bone calcium and phosphorus deposition, and prevents soft nails and rickets. That is, vitamin D3 is absorbed by crawlers.

Pets have reptile Uvb lamp, even if there is no light, do not worry, reptile Uvb lamp is a good choice for pets.

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