Pet industry in China have a "money" way

Update:13 May 2017

With the continuous improvement of living standards in […]

With the continuous improvement of living standards in China, and the reduction of family size, keeping pets has become part of the lives of more and more urban people, China's pet consumption will also form a scale, while showing great potential. Experts believe that, according to the law, a country's per capita gross domestic product (GDP) in the 3000-8000 US dollars (5300-1000 Singapore dollars) between the pet industry will be rapid development. Some coastal cities in China have reached this level. Thus, despite the fact that the major cities in China have implemented strict pet restraint regulations, the actual amount of pets has increased in recent years. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan are known as "China's five major pet city". Single pet dog, for example, Beijing currently has more than 50 million, and still at an annual rate of 8% growth in Shanghai is about 700,000. China's pet industry in recent years around the pet's basic necessities of life and life and death, continue to develop. According to "Beijing Daily" estimates, the current pet market in China's market potential of at least 15 billion yuan (3.2 billion Singapore dollars), and showed a rapid growth trend. Three years ago, Beijing's pet hospital, but more than a dozen, now has more than 200, in addition to hundreds of not tax registration, simple "pet clinic." Although the pet hospital charges a lot of money, but the pet people do not seem to begrudge. Beijing, an animal health company's staff told the newspaper: "Come here, the general consumption is 300 to 400 yuan once.If the animal was seriously ill, always attached to a few times.If it is surgery, like orthopedics or ophthalmology, Sure to spend a thousand dollars. "Those universities or research institutions under the pet hospital charges more expensive, but because of the high level, attracted pet with a doctor is always an endless stream. Pet beauty has become increasingly popular service. Items include cleaning teeth, dig ear, tail and so on. The most common is the bathing and blowing, according to the size of the dog about 100 to 300 yuan (21 to 64 Singapore dollars). In addition, pet training, foster care, photography and other industries are quite market. A Xu old tailor said that he gave people clothes, business has been bad, but since he began to pet "tailored", "business is so incredible." It is understood that he asked him to order clothing for pets, each to hundreds of dollars. Cat big married girl when married, marriage event can not play, not only to look at the appearance, on the lineage, have to see relatives, "pet dating agency" is also a great "money" way If the pet was killed, the funeral was also someone to help deal with. It is a huge opportunity to see the Chinese pet market, the international famous pet feed brands have landed in the Chinese market. According to "Beijing Hyundai Daily" reported that in 2001 Beijing imported pet food sales of about 200 million yuan, up 130% over the previous year. It is understood that in 1995 into the Beijing market of the Royal Royal (Royal Canin) pet food, sales in recent years, the average growth rate of more than 30%. Main middle and low market, the main sales of the United States Po Road (Pedigree) and Wei Jia (Whiskas) brand Aifen Food (Beijing), last year's sales reached 20 million yuan. (Editor: summer)

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