The Reptile Uvb Lamp Is Very Important to the Turtle

Update:04 Jun 2018

Why are various reptiles important? The growth of repti […]

Why are various reptiles important?

The growth of reptiles requires proper temperature, humidity, and photoperiod. In the wild, these are provided by nature. People who raise reptiles must imitate nature and artificially create these conditions for reptiles.Unless you are in a country of origin, you must understand these Reptile Uvb Lamp.

To establish an environment suitable for healthy crawlers, it is important to choose the right reptile luminaire. Different lamps have different roles and applicable ranges and characteristics.

What are the effects of various crawler lamps?

The following are the main functions of using crawler lamps:

1.Lighting: Luminaires provide light to help the owner observe ghosts at night or in dark surroundings, helping turtles to see things during the day and being able to eat. The reptiles are insensitive to both blue and red light, and red night and blue night lights can be used to illuminate the night so as not to disturb the ghost's photoperiod.

2.Establish a photoperiod: At the same time, create an environment in which day and night cycles alternate between turtles, which is conducive to healthy growth and estrus reproduction.

3.Heating: Light energy is converted into heat energy, heating the air in the environment, so that the reptiles live in the right temperature environment.

4.Provide hotspots and create hot and cold areas: While the temperature is high throughout the environment, there must also be a hotter hot zone. The turtles will choose their own zone to warm their body when needed, and increase the metabolic rate at certain times.

5.Helps reduce temperature: Increased temperature increases water evaporation and lowers ambient temperature.

Precautions for using reptile luminaires:

1.Aquatic turtles, amphibians, reptile Uvb lamp do not have to choose so high, choose 5.0, desert-type tortoise will choose high reptile Uvb lamp.

2.Reptile Uvb lamp have different lighting requirements for different turtles. Aquatic turtles, amphibians, rainforest tortoises are open for about 6 hours, and desert tortoises are open for about 8 hours.

3.When the reptile Uvb lamp is illuminated, it must be directly exposed to the turtle body, not through the shielding material such as glass.

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