Ceramic Heat Lamp Is Very Useful for Pets

Update:23 May 2018

The ceramic heat lamp is a high-temperature and long-li […]

The ceramic heat lamp is a high-temperature and long-life heater, and the higher and higher operating temperature requirements in the modern industry, ceramic heating lamps can adapt, especially chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and each Pipe heating, etc.; ceramic joint heating lamp through the spiral resistance wire through the specially designed high-temperature ceramic tiles, precision extension, bendable, beautiful metal shell ceramic fiber insulation. Form an effective high temperature, high power density, ribbon heater, and design flexibility for easy installation.

Ceramic heat lamp have many advantages:

1. Long lasting: Uninterrupted use of more than 20,000 hours, is one of the long-life lamps.

2. Thermal efficiency up to 99%: Fast and stable heating, long-term heat balance, high thermal efficiency, and energy saving.

3. Suitable for all kinds of climbing pets, birds, cats and dogs, plants and other warm.

4. Can be used day and night:The sun's rays are divided into visible light and invisible light. In the spectrum, the wavelength of 0.75-1000μm is called infrared. It is an electromagnetic wave with strong heat. The infrared is invisible to the naked eye, so it does not affect the nighttime rest of climbing.

5. Good fever effect and no irritant light affecting animal sleep.

6. The far-infrared rays emitted have good health care functions for animals while keeping warm.

7. Solid ceramic original, suitable for humid environment, matched with ordinary lamp holder, screw on, easy to operate.

Place a ceramic heat lamp in the sealed incubator, the insulation effect will be better, and the far-infrared radiation emitted will have health care function for the animals.

If you are heating in an open environment, it will easily lead to temperature distribution. In winter, it is recommended to choose a higher ceramic heat lamp power. It is recommended to use with FM switch.

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